I’ve enjoyed reading the first two offerings of your new columnist, Carrie Classon – she’s funny and touching. Thanks for adding her.

The initial column is a story about her friends, an adventurous couple who travel worldwide, Tom and Mandy.  Tom had been an expansive personality who embraced life with gusto, until he had a stroke, after which he worked hard to get back some physical faculties, but never regained his ability to speak.

The ending, with Mandy, still his partner in life’s adventure, trying to understand what he was pointing at in the distance - “Is it alive?... Is it a bird?” - was poignant.

The second is about the writer’s frustrations with getting her hair cut, and about her husband offering many times “I’ll cut your hair!”. When she finally lets him, the resulting story made me LOL.

I look forward to reading her weekly. Thanks again.

Hugh Heimdahl

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