The Thirsty Buffalo restaurant, based in Buffalo Minn., opened a second location in Scandia this spring. 

The doors opened in May, and restaurant manager Caitlin Fox said this summer they’ve been working to specialize the menu they have in Buffalo to fit the local vibe in Scandia. 

“It is (a copy of the buffalo location) a little bit right now, but we are trying to get our handle on things, learn our demographic and change to fit the area,” she said. “So we’re doing some specials, listening to feedback from locals and trying to adjust to what people want.”

The restaurant offers pretty standard American fare, but Fox is listening to that feedback from the community and expanding their offerings. 

“People were wanting more of a dinner place instead of just burgers and sandwiches,” she said. “They wanted some entrees.” 

The Thirsty Buffalo has daily specials that include burger and pasta nights, as well as lighter lunch items like chicken salad. The location is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. 

“We’re just small right now and starting out,” Fox said. “So we want to make sure whatever we do put out is exceptional.” 

The opening has been hindered slightly by the nationwide work shortage, but Fox said things are starting to improve on that front. 

“At first we had problems finding people,” she said. “But then they announced they were closing extra unemployment, the next day I had two more applications.” 

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