The Scandia City Council is looking for volunteers to serve on the City’s Planning Commission, Parks and Recreation Committee and Wastewater Advisory Committee. The term of a current Planning Commission member will expire February 1, 2022.  The term of a Parks Committee member expires March 1, 2022. The Wastewater Committee has a vacancy for a Big Marine Sewer-Bliss System representative. Appointments will be made for five-year terms ending February 1, 2027.

The five-member Planning Commission meets the first Tuesday of each month, and advises the City Council on all matters related to planning and zoning. Members receive a small stipend to cover expenses. The Parks and Recreation Committee advises the Council in all matters relating to parks and recreation programs and facilities. This committee also coordinates the annual Vinterfest event. The five member Parks & Recreation Committee meets the first Monday of each month.  Members receive a small stipend per quarter. The Wastewater Advisory Committee meets several times during the year and advises the Council regarding the city’s “Big Marine Sewer” and “Uptown” wastewater systems including long- and short-range planning for operations, maintenance, improvements, expansion and financing. Applicants for the Wastewater Committee must be users of the Big Marine Sewer-Bliss Sewer System on Big Marine Lake.

Application forms are available at the city office and on the website at  Applications are due by Noon on Thursday, December 30, 2021.  The City Council will review the applications at the January 5, 2022 Work Session with appointments anticipated before the end of the month.



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