The USPS is raising rates August 29 for both the general public and commercial mail users. Stamps are increasing nearly 5.5%, marketing (bulk) mail is increasing 7% and periodical mail is increasing nearly 9%. 

This is the second postage increase of 2021. In January, postage increased 1.5%. 

The Country Messenger and other U.S. newspapers are raising home delivery subscription rates to coincide with postage increases. The Country Messenger annual subscription is increasing $3 per year beginning September 1. This is the first home delivery price increase of the Country Messenger in over a decade. 

Brett Wesner, chair of the National Newspaper Association (NNA) and president of Wesner Publications, Cordell, Oklahoma, said “These (postage) increases will require many newspapers to increase subscription prices to cover this new cost.” 

The postage rate increase is part of a new USPS business plan which also includes a weakening of service standards for mail that is moving across the country, according to the NNA. 

USPS has also applied for a temporary 7.5% increase in commercial package delivery prices beginning October 18 and continuing until December 27. It is requesting the package increase in “due to increased expenses and heightened demand.” USPS says temporary holiday increases “are in line with competitive practices” referring to other package delivery companies. 

“We value our subscribers and don’t make these decisions lightly,” said Country Messenger publisher Tom Stangl. “Two postal rate increases totaling 10.6% in the first eight months of 2021 were the tipping point for our decision.”

Stangl added that subscribers get unlimited access to the paper’s website and the twice-yearly glossy magazine Back Roads as an added benefit of having a subscription.

The cost of a local subscription will increase to $29. The rate for the rest of the United States will be $48.

Online only subscriptions will increase to $29.

A snowbird rate is being implemented for local people who have their address changed out of state, which requires more postage. The snowbird rate is $35.

A local annual subscription is a 45% savings over the newsstand price of $1.00.


USPS rate changes

Product      Current PricesPlanned Prices

Letters (1 oz.)      55 cents58 cents


additional ounce(s)      20 cents 20 cents


(metered 1 oz.)      51 cents 53 cents

Domestic Postcards     36 cents40 cents

Flats     $1$1.16

Outbound international letters       $1.20$1.30

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