Lion Rebecca Skupien gives a cinnamon roll to a driver on Cinnamon Bun Day October 4th. This gentleman and his passenger drove from Red Wing for Cinnamon Bun Day.

The Monday morning commute was a little bit sweeter for those who passed through Scandia October 4.

Commuters and others were treated to 500 cinnamon buns, part of Scandia’s Cinnamon Bun Day. Now in its fifth year, Cinnamon Bun Day is the brainchild of Lynne Moratzka, Director of Gammelgården Museum. Scandia’s celebration is an extension of the yearly celebration held in Sweden celebrating Swedish traditions, with a special focus on cinnamon buns. The day began in 1999 by the Hembakningrådet (the Home Baking Council), to mark the council’s 40th anniversary. According to the label on the buns handed out in Scandia, around 7 million buns are sold in Sweden on Cinnamon Bun Day . . . not including all the buns baked at home.

Funded by the Scandia-Marine Lions, Gammelgarden Museum, and the City of Scandia, a group of 15 volunteers spent Sunday, October 3 baking, frosting, cutting, packaging and labeling 500 cinnamon buns.

The buns were distributed at the intersection of Olinda Trail and Oakhill Rd. N., starting at 6 a.m. by 7:30 a.m., they were all gone. Volunteers delivered cinnamon buns to Scandia Elementary School for the teachers and staff. Buns were also taken to our elder residents in The Cottages in Scandia and local businesses.



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