The May Township Board of Supervisors completed business at its January 6 meeting in perhaps a record-setting 20 minutes. 

Board chair John Adams reported that Total Control Systems had installed the new digital controls for the sewer system. The work was completed under budget for a cost of $11,850. 

The Treasurer’s Cash Control Report stated that the Township started the year with a balance of $1,022,309, of which $438,806 is in investments.

The terms of Planning Commission members Walter Peterson and Chad Nelson expire at the end of January, but they have both agreed to serve another term, ending in 2025. The Board approved the appointment. 


Fat Tire Race Safety

A special meeting was held on December 28, at which the Board spoke with a representative from Rocket Racing, the organizer of the Fat Tire Bike Race. A second race is planned for February. The same route will be used as the prior race: Paul to Orwell to 170th to May, to 150th, to Oldfield, to Square Lake Trail. They are also considering a race on Square Lake. 

The organizer said the group hopes to have three similar races each year in May Township. They have 50-60 participants but could see 150 participants per race. The organization likes the well-maintained gravel roads. Supervisors told the organizer that road conditions in the winter are icy and unpredictable. 

The Board discussed how to limit the risk to residents and racers. Supervisor Adams asked if participants wore reflective clothing and was told they do not. The race organizers put up signs to alert traffic of the race. Law enforcement is stationed at key intersections. Supervisors suggested notifying residents along the route. Supervisor Steve Magner suggested the township ask the race organizers to plan an alternate race date in case of snow.

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