school board members 2022

Carla Guinee

Ms. Guinee moved to the Scandia-Marine area from Sydney, Australia, where she had spent 20+ years working in education with young children. Ms. Guinee is originally from Peru and is employed in the area as a substitute teacher teaching Spanish to young children.

 “I’m a teacher by trade. I also have experience with startup operations in my previous work life. I used to open daycares, building them from scratch. I resourced the centers, hired staff, oversaw recruitment campaigns and dealt with enrollment.” With this prior experience, Ms. Guinee hopes to build relationships with children and families who may be interested in the new school.

“Now that my own children are older and more independent and I work less, I have more time to do things that really matter. I want to be part of something meaningful.” For her, the Marine Village School was it. She was attracted by its whole-child approach and because of the strong support it has from the city of Marine and its residents. 

“The new school will have a strong academic curriculum, but they will also be nurturing the whole child with ecology, service in the community, and hands-on projects with local historians, artisans and the Folk School. Involvement in the community is something I think schools should do more of. That attracted me – community and service.”

Ms. Guinee said when the school opens it will be inviting community members in to read to students and to participate in before and after-school programming. “We already have a volunteer who will read to children in Spanish, which will be taught to children in all grades.”

Daryl Timmer

 Mr. Timmer is a longtime resident of Marine on St. Croix, and an educator who recently retired after 34 years of teaching music n the St. Croix valley. 

“Education is near and dear to my heart. I have more of an arts bent, as a choir director and music teacher. I like the fact that the school is looking to have a well-rounded education. That’s very important. It’s not just about math and science but about the whole student. 

“From my experience there are many students who thrive in the arts and that’s an avenue that they can learn in and be successful in.

“I’ve been through the many different teaching methodologies that education has gone through in the last 30 plus years. I’m hoping to keep awareness on the goal of a well-rounded student because I’ve seen what the arts can do for students.”

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