Park layout

Based on community input and planning with vendors, the above layout has been selected for the playground project at Community Center Park.

Seeking sponsors for additional improvements

The City of Scandia has developed and approved plans to replace the existing playground equipment at the Community Center Park. 

In a letter to supporters of the Economic Development Authority (EDA) Mayor Christine Maefsky explained, “The existing equipment has reached its life expectancy. The city is excited to announce that the new playground equipment has A merican with Disability Act (ADA) accessible features. Scandia recognizes the importance of community playgrounds and the benefits they bring, including: providing a gathering space for multigenerational community members, encouraging active play for children and caregivers, opportunities to add identifying characteristics to enhance community charm and providing opportunity for outdoor education and connection.”

Scandia has dedicated funding for the playground equipment. “The equipment is being purchased from Miracle Recreation,” explained City Administrator Ken Cammilleri, “And its layout was designed by Webber Recreational Design, Inc.” 

Based on community input and planning with vendors the proposed layout has been selected (see image). This layout provides multigenerational park space use, ADA equipment features and maintains options for future expansion of additional picnic areas, adjoining trails, enhanced shade structures and potential adult fitness opportunities. 

However, moving forward with expanding ADA accessible features, additional structures and features or other park amenities such as park benches, picnic tables, shade structures or trees, requires additional funding.

“Our financial goal for donations is $25,000,” said Cammilleri, “This provides the opportunity to add the improvements mentioned. Upon the dedication of the new playground equipment a sign will be installed to recognize sponsors of the playground project.”

Scandia is seeking non-taxable financial support for this park improvement project. The City has established four types of memberships for consideration. Bronze level memberships are $250 to $500, Silver level are $501 to $999, Gold level memberships are $1,000 to $4,999 and a benefactor membership is available for $5,000 or more.

The total project cost is estimated to be $225,000 (excluding the additional $25,000 that the City is seeking to fundraise for added improvements). Currently, the City’s in-kind contributions of $4,500 and direct financing of $98,000 have been secured along with additional funding of $10,000 from the Scandia-Marine Lions Club for a total of $112,500. 

“The City has yet to obtain approval for its $112,500 grant request through the Minnesota Outdoor Recreation Grant Program, but our current funding meets the grant’s 50% project matching requirement and will be able to fund key planned improvements,” explained Cammilleri.

“Should grant funding through the state program not come together, the City still intends to move forward with the project but with a scaled back project scope to stay within its current $112,500 budget. This means the City will move forward with the purchase and installation of the new primary play structure but will attempt to obtain the remaining play features over the upcoming years through the City’s Capital Improvement Plan and other potential funding sources.”

The project is expected to break ground in 2022. “The site preparation and installation schedule is still to-be-determined but will most likely take place in the fall of this year.  The whole process is estimated to take about a month to complete,” said Cammilleri.

Those interested in providing non-tax deductible financial support may make a donation by check payable to the “City of Scandia.”  

Please be sure to include a note that the funds are intended for the Community Center Playground Project, and note if you wish to have your donation recognized as an anonymous contribution.  Donations may be delivered to the Scandia Community Center in person or at the after-hours drop box.  Contributions may also be mailed to ”The Community Center Playground Project” c/o City of Scandia, 14727 209th Street N, Scandia, Minnesota 55073.

For more information regarding the playground equipment update, contact the City of Scandia at (651) 433-2274 or


Other future plans for community park system

According to Cammilleri, the City of Scandia is also planning the future of its community parks system, as a whole. Earlier this year, the City Council hired MSA Professional Services, Inc. to assist the City with the development of an update to its Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan.  

The public is also strongly encouraged to attend our project kick-off meeting Tuesday, June 21, at 6 p.m. to learn more about the project and the opportunities to get involved. The project kick-off meeting precedes the regular City Council meeting at 7 p.m.

Interested persons wishing to get involved in this project are encouraged to contact the City either by phone at 651-433-2274 or by email at

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