Arcand Behnke

10-year olds Ella Arcand and Coco Behnke sold lemonade and cookies to fundraise for Ukraine refugee families. Their hard work raised $225

Two 10-year-old girls, Ella Arcand and Coco Behnke worked together to fundraise for Ukrainian refugee families staying in Scandia’s Sister City of Mellerud, Sweden. Ella is a resident of Scandia and Coco is visiting her grandmother, Patti Ray of Scandia for the month of July from Utah. The girls have been the best of summer friends for many years. 

Ella and Coco came up with the idea to sell homemade lemonade and chocolate cookies to help refugee families from Ukraine. Ella and Coco baked the cookies and squeezed the lemons to ensure the best quality for their customers. They also made a beautiful sign for their lemonade stand. An amazing total of $225 was raised in three hours by the girls. 

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