As you may know, the City of Scandia and the Watershed District are currently in discussions about ways to improve the boat launch section at Log House Landing (the ramp that leads from the landing to the water). The City and Watershed are planning to discuss design options at tomorrow’s (May 4) meeting.

Originally the plan was to install a section of concrete planks in the sandy soil on the ramp to stabilize the launch. I believe this plan allowed for sand on either side of the planks that could be used to drag canoes and kayaks. However, the Watershed is now proposing a plan that is much more developed and is essentially a solid concrete ramp. See attached Concept Plan.

Following are concerns that have been raised with this proposed concept plan: 1) A concrete ramp may not be the best design to improve the launch in a way that preserves the natural and rustic qualities, 2) This design seems geared toward trailered boat access and does not have any accommodation for a surface/path along which to drag a canoe or kayak. Many people are simply not strong enough to carry these over a concrete surface, 3) The proposed plan will likely double the original cost allocated to this project (from $17k to $35k+).

There is still time to have input on this design and an opportunity to participate in the process. The meeting is next Wednesday, May 4, at 6:30 p.m. at the Scandia City Community Center. Hope to see you there.

Pam Plowman Smith

Friends of Log House Landing

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