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I have been feeling super colorful. I want to wear colorful clothes and eat colorful foods, the brighter the better. And when something colorful it grilled—all is perfect in the world!

My newest item to grill is salad. I know what you're thinking: How do you grill a salad? I thought the same thing. Think of cutting a head of romaine lettuce in half and grilling it briefly and the same with tomatoes and peppers. 

Grilling adds a nice charred flavor and dimension to any salad. 

I love it when two things I’m really into come together. Color me happy!

Trendy Summer Grilled Salad

Serves 4

1 head romaine lettuce, cut in half the long way

2 large tomatoes, cut in half

1 red pepper, cut in half

1 green pepper, cut in half

1 purple onion, sliced in half

2 plums, halved and pits removed

½ cup blue cheese, crumbled

½ cup toasted walnuts

½ cup good quality balsamic vinegar

¼ cup, extra virgin olive oil 

Salt and pepper to taste

Heat grill to medium hot, about 400 degrees. Brush tomatoes, peppers, onion and plums with vegetable oil and place on grill for 1-3 minutes until grill marks are visible. Set aside to cool. Grill the romaine lettuce halves sliced side down for about 1 minute until grill marks are dark. Set aside and cool.

Slice grilled vegetables, plums and lettuce. Toss in a large bowl with the olive oil and vinegar to coat. Top with toasted walnuts and blue cheese. Serve immediately.

Lisa Erickson is a food columnist who loves adventure and food. You can find more recipes at or email her at

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