Was it when unions were strong and good paying jobs were possible for many Americans?

Was it when civil rights laws were passed to curtail the hate in our country?

Was it when citizens questioned our leaders and found their voice in opposition to inequality?

Was it when women and black Americans were given the right to vote?

Was it when people worked to stop the ravage of pollution to save the earth for future generations?

Was it when healthcare costs were affordable?

Was it when education was a public hallmark of our society?

Was it when our ancestors were immigrants and built this nation we live in now?

Was it when our farms were owned and worked by small families and not large corporations?

Was it when our politicians worked together despite their different views?

Was it before billionaires and large corporations controlled many of our politicians?

Or will it become greater someday and future generations will be proud of the integrity, honesty and fairness of the president and leaders of the nation!

Kurt Zemke

Rice Lake

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