The last time our school district approved an increase in operating funding, I was in kindergarten. Twelve years later, and I am now a senior at Forest Lake High school. I have watched many changes occur within our school as a result of millions of dollars of budget cuts. My class sizes have gradually increased, leaving me tripping over chairs and my peers struggling to connect with teachers. Some of my teachers who haven’t resorted to picking up a second job have moved to other districts. And many programs that I have loved are in jeopardy. The cost to attend high school is rising; parking passes are now $200 a semester, taking an AP exam for college credit costs $60, activity fees are on the rise, and our school isn’t able to provide up to date textbooks or study materials. 

These are just some of the limitations that our students face. Around the state, other districts have passed operating levies that make up for the state funding deficit. I’m asking for your help. This November, Forest Lake Schools need us to come together and show our support. If you value education and community, and if you care about our kids, please help me take a stand. 

Our school district is incredibly unique. I truly believe that I could not have found teachers as dedicated or programs so diverse in any other district. But more than that, our schools belong to us. We have the power to determine what type of community we have. I think we all want to see our community thrive, and I know that we can’t do that without supporting our schools this November 6th.

Rachel de Sobrino

Forest Lake High School Senior



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