My friend, Patti Ray, is running for Scandia City Council this election.

All of Scandia's constituents should know what her amazing capabilities are for this position. Her passionate plan for helping us with real problems, nonpolitical and non biased, is in our best interest for the present as well as the future.

Her background for this important position is quite accomplished!

She is the third to be born into a family of 14 siblings. No wonder she has superb organizational and great teamwork abilities!

As an entrepreneur she started a business, Creative Solutions International. Here she designed, built and installed retail spaces for clients like Club Libby Lou and Tommy Bahama stores throughout the country. She is a self-driven, creative researcher who focuses on accomplishing huge goals!

Patti is quite popular on Bone Lake in Scandia where she presides over and motivates many great lake association events.

She is currently owner of Carney Forensics a digital forensics company extracting data from smartphones and computers for evidence in legal cases. It's her technical knowledge that determined what her first goal for us would be. It is to help bring into our homes reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi service! In my estimation — this alone would get my vote!

I've known and watched Patti for the last 20 years setting goals and accomplishing them with the help of people who gladly volunteer to help her or listen to see what they need to do next to move forward.

I'm sure her perspectives for our city, as well as her talent, are a perfect match for the Scandia Town Council. She will definitely be tremendously beneficial to, "all of us," as well as the city council. We need her there!  Please VOTE!

Gail Dietrich

Scandia resident since 1976

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