Dear Mr. Stangl:

Thanks again for continuing to publish a paper well worth reading!  I would like to respond to your recent opinion publication, “It’s going to be a long campaign,” regarding the allegations swirling around Mr. Biden. I can appreciate you are a man who is rich in daughters and granddaughters. I can also appreciate that the attack on Mr. Biden suggests we are in for more of the same as the democratic field gets winnowed from17+ to 1 candidate. And the democrats are using their nasty playbook on one of their own to get him out of the race.

What I cannot appreciate is the position you took about the allegations based on your personal interaction with him years ago.  In my opinion, he has engaged in “creepy” behavior toward women for years and he should not be given a pass. 

Consider if he engaged in the alleged behavior in a customary work setting as a manager. He comes up behind a woman, gently places his hands on her shoulders, leans into her, sniffs her hair and then slowly plants a kiss on the back of her head. Yuck. He is, in my opinion, using his power (his position of VP and now former VP) and control to engage in a form of sexual assault. He would be reprimanded at a minimum and potentially fired for engaging in this behavior in any normal workplace.  And, don’t forget, he was in the habit (and may

from page 4

still be) of swimming in his pool naked in front of female secret service agents who are there to protect him. Better yet, let’s substitute the name “Justice Kavanaugh” or “President Trump” for “Biden” and look at it again. That would be creepy if they did it wouldn’t it?

With all due respect, your position only serves to continue the mistaken belief that this behavior (which is not warranted, not requested desired or asked for by a woman) is ok. It’s not.

Thank you for reading my opinion in this matter.

Kind regards,

Kate Harri

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