Dear Ms. Lindgren:

The first page article of Vol. 3 No. 35 regarding the release of a new video game concerning the St. Croix River provided compelling statements regarding the importance for any country to regulate the influx of people seeking to emigrate. 

The article starts out before the influx of Europeans “…talking about old ways of living off the land that had been disrupted by the arrival of rifles, alcohol and…an unquenchable thirst for beaver furs.”  The next influx of people is described as, “…lumber and paddle boats compete for space on the St. Croix. The bluffs have been stripped naked, the water is filled with white pine…the water contaminated, a place of serene beauty becomes an eyesore.” Then, “This new start for the settlers meant the end for river’s riches. The wildlife was slaughtered, the prairie sod plowed under, the old-growth forest felled.” (The one thing he missed were the diseases Europeans carried with them that killed many people. We have tuberculosis and antibiotic resistant strains of other diseases coming into the country now.)

The game developer, while waxing poetic and, at times, romantic in bemoaning the loss of the wild St. Croix River, drives home a critical point. When there is a large influx of people unchecked and without rules and guidelines, there are many unintended consequences. Ways of living are disrupted, if not destroyed. Diseases are also brought in. Being good stewards of the earth is relegated to a back seat in the rush to get “stuff.”

It is time to recognize the common sense and critical importance of a secure border including a calm, orderly process for immigration in this country. Effective assimilation is only possible with controlled entry and guidelines. Without assimilation, our country will be irreparably changed and harmed.  Our way of life is the envy of the world; that is why people want to come here.  Preserving our way of life is important for everyone who lives here and who wants to settle here. Without controlling entry to our country we stand to lose this way of life forever.


Kate Harri

May Township

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