To the editor,

As leaders in the St. Croix Valley nonprofit community, we see first-hand how charitable giving benefits our community. When community members make financial contributions to our organizations this allows us to do things like; fulfill basic needs with food and clothing, fill critical gaps in support services, elevate local artists and ultimately create stronger, more resilient and vibrant communities.

Minnesota has a strong tradition of individuals supporting nonprofit, religious organizations, and community foundations which has led to strong and thriving communities.

However, federal tax changes created unintended consequences on charitable giving through the nearly doubling of the standard deduction. In other words, fewer people will have a federal tax incentive to give to nonprofit and religious organizations.

The Minnesota legislature can address this unintended consequence by strengthening the state’s charitable deduction for those who do not itemize.

Currently, HF3464 and SF3777 are bills with bipartisan support that if acted on this legislative session would expand the state’s charitable deduction so that 100% of donations count. We’re asking State Representatives Kathy Lohmer and Bob Dettmer and State Senator Karin Housley to support this expansion because nonprofits rely on charitable giving from individuals to fuel our work. These bills encourage the long-time tradition of our friends and neighbors helping each other and supports the nonprofit sector as a bedrock of our community.


Eliza Severson, Director of Advancement

Anu Family Services, Inc.

Heather Rutledge, Executive Director

ArtReach St. Croix

Sally Anderson, Executive Director

Community Thread

Nancy Lyner, Director of Development and Communications

EVOLVE Adoption & Family Services

Arba-Della Beck, Executive Director



Bill Tiedemann, Executive Director

Hope House of St. Croix Valley

Beverly Petrie, Executive Director

The Partnership Plan for Stillwater Area Public Schools

Jenny Mason, Executive Director

St. Andrews Lutheran Church Community Resource Center

Trisha Cummins Kauffman, Executive Director

Solid Ground

Stephani Atkins, Executive Director


Jennifer Polzin, Chief Executive Officer


Tracy Maki, Executive Director

Valley Outreach

Bob Sherman, Executive Director

Youth Service Bureau

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