As a senior this year, I’m in the unique position of having gone through my entire grade schooling without the passage of a single levy - not to keep up with inflation, and certainly not to keep up with neighboring school districts. As such, I’ve only known the stagnation and deterioration of my school’s resources. 

My class sizes have increased year over year, meaning it’s harder to get individualized help when I need it. Many of the best, (and my would-be) teachers have been poached by other districts, meaning I often need even more of that individualized help. That might sound like a negligible detriment, but I’m telling you from experience, it can mean the difference between a C and an A on the next test. 

This impaired ability to succeed is just one of many problems facing our student body. Unfortunately I couldn’t possibly cover topics like the implications of rising activity costs or school’s effect on our mental health in this succinct letter. 

What this all comes down to is that our district is competing with others for good teachers and state funding. Anyone can understand that a business can’t exist competitively without capital, but the trouble is that our community doesn’t see the school district as something that needs investment like a business, or maybe you just don’t see the value in the return on that investment. Either way, when our levies are repeatedly voted down, I’m left feeling like my community doesn’t care about us students. 

Reed Nelson, FLHS senior


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