It was recently brought to my attention that my name was listed in a blog that appeared on the Paul Hoppe for Sheriff website (Washington County Watchdog, August 15, 2018).  The article purported to list “special interest” donors to Dan Starry's campaign for Washington County Sheriff. 

In just the portion of the article where I am listed under the heading “Bunch of elected officials and those related to them” there are several errors.  Prior to my retirement from Washington County after 33 years, I did work as a victim/witness coordinator in the County Attorney Office. That statement is correct. I was never an elected official, nor am I an attorney or connected to that office. Mr. Orput undoubtedly will confirm that.  However, I gladly endorse Dan Starry as I have seen first hand, his commitment to fair treatment to victims of crime.  I am sure his commitment will be carried through to those he leads as sheriff.

My career helping victims of violent crime and property offenses brought me in contact with many law enforcement professionals from Washington County as well as city police departments and the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.  It is this experience that leads me to endorse Dan Starry for Sheriff.  Dan has the experience in all divisions of the organization.  He has demonstrated values like respect for others and their points of view.  He is knowledgeable about the interconnection of departments within the County and the State of Minnesota.  Most importantly, I know that Dan will do the right thing.  He is a genuine, honest and trustworthy person.  He has earned my trust and my vote.

Mary L Waldkirch Tilley

Marine on St Croix

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