Matt Anderson

Around this time last year, my wife and I decided to go see one of our favorite bands, Blue October. They were set to play at First Avenue in Minneapolis and we were more than excited to go. “Alternative rock” is really the only genre you can try to squeeze them into, but they range from loud and aggressive to mellow and wholesome. We even played one of their songs, “Home” for our first dance at our wedding.

But, I digress.

 Last year, we made the always stressful drive into Minneapolis to see Blue October. Because we were still establishing ourselves in the community, we were setting things up for our new lives in Dresser, such as our insurance provider. Kylee has always graciously been the paperwork and bills department in our relationship, so she asked for my driver’s license one day to sort out our insurance. 

Here comes the problem.

After we made that laborious drive, paid $20 dollars for parking and got ready to walk to First Avenue we discovered that my driver’s license was sitting on the coffee table at home. The show we were attending required you to be 18 years of age. Being that I look like a teenager, there was no getting into that show without my ID. So, we turned around and began our defeated walk back to the car.

After this happened, I wrote a column at the Baldwin Bulletin that reflects much of the same message that I want to convey now. Without going into quite as much detail as last year, Kylee was devastated. She took all the blame on herself and it totally deflated any upset that I was feeling as a result of the circumstance.

My point then, and my point now, is that there is no need to let mistakes be a reason for hardship in any relationship. I could have easily resorted to anger, blaming and arguing with my wife (admittedly, I nearly did), but I knew that reaction would have been detrimental. Instead, I held her hand all the way home and reassured her that I was not upset with her and that we would have another chance.

Sure enough, almost one year later to the day, we got that second chance. And we had a blast. We both got to attend a show at the famous First Avenue for the first time, saw what is probably our collective favorite band in concert, and drove home much later than both of our bedtimes. I am a very tired man as I write this, and I know my wife feels the same, but I know she would agree that our redemption was well worth it.

I always welcome your comments, questions, and concerns. Feel free to reach out any time.

Matt Anderson


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