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The only decent news to come out of this whole pandemic is that we can still go outside. 

People are handling the self-quarantine thing in many different ways, some better than others. The best way I know how to pass the time is the same way I do when there’s no coronavirus outbreak, by being outside. 

I’m encouraged by how many people I see out and about in the last couple of weeks. The mental relief a half hour walk does to a mind on pandemic overload is outstanding, if only to get away from your radio, TV and news feed for 30 minutes. I swear if I have to hear the letters C-O-V-I-D (in any order) one more time I’ll expose myself to tuberculosis just for a change of pace. Our 24-hour news cycle is maddening in the best of times, so dealing with it on a corona bender is about as enjoyable as listening to your neighbors shih tzu bark at his own reflection for an hour at six oclock on a Monday morning. 

I’m going to put a disclaimer on this just to say that I’m mostly joking and that of course it’s important to be up to date with the latest information regarding the pandemic. That is what I’m here for after all. But stepping away, even ever so briefly, can really reset your system and help you come to terms with all of this. Like I said last week, these are legitimately frightening times and we need to stick together and fight our way through it. But that doesn’t mean we need to pump in a fresh supply of vaguely helpful Facebook posts filled with frightening statistics every three minutes. Keep calm and carry on has never been more relevant, and sometimes internet news isn’t the best as keeping us calm. 

Back to my original point. I love to hunt and fish. You’ll hear plenty more about that in the future, but March isn’t the best time for either of those things. Honestly it can be downright boring on the sportsman front, with March coming second only to February in the ‘months that I hate’ competition.  Yet in my quest to remain corona-news free this weekend, I packed up a dozen duck decoys and headed to a local waterfowl management area to try and fool a mallard or two into coming in close enough to snap a few photos of them. I love to hunt ducks, but I love to decoy and photograph them nearly as much. It’s become a new springtime hobby of my brother Dan and I’s, although the dog doesn’t understand it at all. The ducks on Sunday were mostly uncooperative, although we managed some decent shots of a pair of bluebills. But I watched what had to be one of the top four sunsets I’ve ever seen in my life and you know what? I didn’t think about coronavirus once. 

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