Suzanne Lindgren

From elections to flooding, new books to business news, February and March have been busy in Sun and Messenger territory. It’s rare that I find myself at a loss for topics to cover but lately I’ve been overwhelmed, literally, with story ideas from readers. 

And I love it.

Granted, I hate the feeling of not being able to keep up. Emails go unanswered for too long. Notes from interviews and meetings pile up as I tell myself, “I’ll get to that story next week.” Then, of course, an emergent event happens. 

To some degree, that’s the nature of this work. Sometimes you’re riding the wave, other times you’re underwater. The latter best describes me right now, but the second half of the month is usually a bit slower so if you’re one of the people waiting on a story, note that I expect to be caught up with writing by early April.

The silver lining to what gets perceived as overwhelm on my end is that there’s a lot happening in our riverside communities. People are writing books, releasing albums, buying property for new or expanded business ventures. Voters are researching issues as they prepare to cast ballots. Students are finding ways to impact their community.

Folk schools are hosting classes in traditional skills.

You do a lot, people! And I’m so grateful that you’re sharing your news with the paper. Keep it coming. 

There are several ways to contact me to submit a story, photo or news tip: Stop into the office at 108 Cascade Street, Osceola; call us at 715-433-3845; or email me at

And I’ll mention this in case you’re not already aware: Print subscribers get free, unlimited access to articles online. You do have to set up an account using your subscription number, which is on your paper’s mailing label. 

If you’d like to set up the account, visit 

If you’re the paperless type, we also offer online-only subscriptions. 

As I’ve said before, your support keeps this community project (the newspaper) going. Together, we’re forging new social and business connections, encouraging an informed citizenry, and adding to the historical archive.

So thanks for reading, for subscribing, for sending story ideas and, above all, for being involved in your community.

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