Suzanne Lindgren

What the heck is in here?” I wondered the other day as I hefted my purse onto my shoulder. 

I opened it up and remembered: Strummer had tucked a toy pick-up truck inside, asking me to carry it out to the car for him. I did, then both of us forgot about it. So I carried it with me everywhere else I went that day.

It was a bit heavier than your run-of-the-mill matchbox car. It was probably a foot long, with doors opening to a surprisingly detailed interior. The steering wheel even turns a little. Despite the weight, I got a kick out of seeing it throughout the day — a reminder of Strummer and something that makes him happy.

It’s the kind of car I would’ve considered giving our almost three year old as a birthday gift. How he convinced Matthew to get it for him on an average trip to the store remains a mystery. The two have made a habit of picking out a matchbox car during their weekly visits to buy groceries. This one was so lavish, though, I’m starting to wonder if the cars are really for Strummer’s benefit or for the guy who opens the wallet.

In spite of my concern that our son will be spoiled, it’s been fun to see him so excited about the truck. Not content just to play with it, he brings it with him to bed and holds it during car rides. One day he fell asleep in his car seat, fingers threaded through the windows to clutch the toy even in deep slumber.

The boy’s passion for anything with a motor seems to grow daily. Not a motor enthusiast myself, in recent weeks I’ve found myself looking forward to Wheels & Wings and the Taco Daze car show more than ever. 

I brought Strummer with me to these events last year and the year before. He took it all in with mild interest. But this year I’ll get to see it all through the eyes of an excited kid. Funny how that can change your perspective.

I’ve always enjoyed the social aspect of this big weekend. With Wheels & Wings, the Osceola Community Fair and Taco Daze in Scandia, I’m always bound to run into an old friend or two, and sometimes a new friend, too. 

This year I suspect it’s going to be more fun than ever. 

Hope to see you out there!

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