Jason Schulte

Being stuck at home like the rest of the world over these last few months has allowed our family to catch up on TV or movies, which we didn’t see when they were first aired. 

For example, the Marvel movies. As a whole, our family has never been big into superhero movies, but it was decided to give them a shot. 

And it seemed like just in a snap of the finger, we were done with all 23 of them. 

Heck, there were nights, we went through two of them. 

It seemed like while watching Avengers: Endgame, Tony Stark was going to meet his maker. He had what seemed to be a perfect life with his wife and daughter in seclusion, but he still felt bitter about what happened in Avengers: Infinity War and what he couldn’t do in earlier movies. 

The character, which started out selfish in the beginning turned into the ultimate selfless individual in the end. 

My humble opinion; While Endgame and Infinity War were action packed movies from the start, my favorite movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was Captain America:  Civil War. I can’t explain it. Maybe the curiosity to see who would be on America’s side or who would be on Iron Man’s team. Or the late twist in which we found out the Winter Soldier killed Tony Stark’s parents.  Or the introduction of the Black Panther and Ant-Man characters into the rest of the Marvel team.  Anyway, it was easily the most enjoyable for me. 

The least enjoyable for me was Doctor Strange. I think by 5-10 minutes in, my attention span went somewhere else and stayed there. 

In the TV world, I missed out on “Parks and Recreation” when it first aired, which didn’t make sense to me at the time. It was made in the same style as “The Office” which I loved and featured smart characters that could be sarcastic at the same time. 

Now, I made up for it and I’m glad I did. 

I forget where I saw this, but I was told skip the first season and watch the last few episodes of season two to get yourselves ready for when Adam Scott and Rob Lowe joined the cast. It then takes off in terms of quality, I was advised. 

100 percent agree with that. The show seems like Amy Poehler was the star and she was, but it’s not like the supporting players didn’t get their turn in the spotlight. Heck, Chris Pratt became famous on that show and is now one of the leading movie actors. However, while Andy Dwyer brought lots of laughs, my favorite was Ron Swanson. 

There are two scenes I can’t get out of my head that made me love  this character. One time, he fooled his coworkers into thinking he pulled out his tooth with a pliers, when a dentist actually did it. The second was the marriage to wife Diane. The proposal and the ceremony were all done in five minutes. 

For me, it’s now become a show you can watch over and over again.


Jason Schulte can be reached at editor@countrymessenger.com.

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