Jason Schulte

Let me say this first. I don’t know if the following will happen, but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit, if it does. 

I’ll admit I pay way more attention to stories about how the National Football League is doing when it comes to television ratings than I should. After hearing how every sport was down upon returning from COVID-19, I couldn’t help but think, the NFL is immune to that: It’s the one sport that can survive anything. 

After a few weeks, story after story was repeating the same thing: the numbers were still great compared to other sports and other television shows, but a decline compared to the last couple of years. 

Which leads me to my conspiracy theory. After being in the public eye for 20+ years, one either likes or hates Tom Brady. What’s not in doubt is he’s the biggest known-name in the National Football League. 

His new team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is now one game away from the Super Bowl. The Green Bay Packers await them in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game. 

If the Bucs pull off the third straight road win it would mark Brady’s 10th Super Bowl appearance and his first with his new team. A definite talking point which would be driven into the ground over the next two weeks. Yet, at the same time, people will watch.

Point number two: If Tampa Bay wins, the Super Bowl would be in their home stadium, which would be a first. The closest a team got to play the Super Bowl in their home stadium previously was the Minnesota Vikings in 2017. (As a Viking fan, I remember the Minneapolis Miracle and have blocked out the game afterwards from my mind.)

If people are sick of having the Brady storyline driven down their throats, how about hearing or reading Tampa Bay playing the Super Bowl in their home stadium to get people to watch? What an unfair or fair advantage that would be, depending on your opinion. 

Finally, point number three: If we somehow get a Tampa Bay-Kansas City Super Bowl, another reason people will want to watch: Tom Brady vs. Patrick Mahomes. If Brady is 1A in terms of name recognition, Mahomes and Aaron Rogers are right behind him. Almost forgot, Kansas City would be going for back-to-back Championships. 

I could be proven wrong and Green Bay and Buffalo could win Sunday. But, if it is Tampa Bay-Kansas City, it’ll be a ratings bonanza and that’s what the NFL cares about more than anything. 


Reason number 562,345 on why I’m wrong 

I’ll admit I didn’t know everything about the Nintendo Switch when we purchased one. At first blush, I thought it would be a video game control panel, which would be consumed by our daughters. 

Upon finding out we could play Jeopardy, my mind started to turn. Then, after completing a couple of songs on the Just Dance game with my oldest daughter, I was convinced even more thanks to the following: 

Any video game or activity, which can bring uproarious laughter to a household, isn’t a bad thing. They say they weren’t laughing at my dance moves, they’re laughing with me.  

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