The Minnesota Elementary School Principals’ Association (MESPA) recognized Julie Greiman, principal of Scandia Elementary IB World School, with the 2019 MESPA Division Leadership Achievement Award for MESPA’s East Suburban Division. 

Principals are responsible for a school’s instructional culture and resource leadership. The award honors principals whose exemplary leadership and sustained efforts have made noteworthy contributions to the operation of effective school learning programs — improving education in their communities and their profession. 

Greiman was recognized by colleagues statewide on February 7 at the “MESPYs,” a celebration during the annual statewide convention of Minnesota’s elementary and middle-level principals.

Greiman summed up her educational philosophy in a quote: “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” —Martin Luther King Jr.

Greiman was nominated by Kenny Newby, principal at Forest Lake Elementary and president elect of MESPA’s East Suburban Division.

Of her most significant career accomplishments, Greiman wrote, “It is difficult to choose three significant accomplishments after spending 14 years at Scandia Elementary IB World School. Each day has its own special moments. However, when our staff decided to embark on the journey to become an IB World School in 2011 that was a very significant turning point in our school’s history. We were awarded full accreditation in 2015 as an IB World School and have embraced the framework as a Primary Years Program school ever since.

“In 2017, Scandia began a yearlong total building renovation as part of Forest Lake Area Schools’ ‘Re-Shaping Opportunities for Success’ bond project. Throughout the project I was involved with countless meetings and planning sessions including moving half of our building into the other half of the building for demolition while school was in session. It was a tremendous learning opportunity and it has been very exciting this year to see the final product.

“Scandia began the two-year process to become a PBIS school in 2017 as part of Cohort 13 and will complete our training this spring. It has been very rewarding to work with our staff and students to develop and enhance our school climate.

“Finally, it has been an honor to have worked for Forest Lake Area Schools for the past 33 years, 14 of which as the principal of Scandia Elementary IB World School. I have been blessed with a community that values education and has demonstrated that through a strong Parent Teacher Organization and the Scandia Elementary Educational Foundation. The support I have received from the students, families, staff and administration has made all the difference in my career.”

MESPA members selected 13 of their peers to receive the 2019 MESPA Division Leadership Achievement Award. Jon Millerhagen, MESPA executive director, congratulated the award winners by saying, “MESPA members who receive the Division Leadership Achievement Award are the strong foundations of their schools, their communities, and our association. They are transformational leaders who care deeply for their students. Our association benefits greatly from their knowledge, enthusiasm, passion, and commitment.”

2019 MESPA Division Leadership Achievement  Award Recipients

• Kate Flynn, St. Cloud Area Schools, Central Division

• Julie Greiman, Forest Lake Area Schools, East Suburban Division

• Dr. Lloyd E. Winfield, Minneapolis Public Schools, Minneapolis Division

• Dr. Amy Reed, Anoka-Hennepin School District, North Suburban Division

• Debra Reynolds, Hermantown Community Schools, Northeast Division

• Jason Luksik, Bemidji Area Schools, Northern Division

• Be Cheuyee Vang, St. Paul Public Schools, St. Paul Division

• Taber Akin, Lakeville Area Schools, South Suburban Division

• Gina Meinertz, Caledonia Area Public Schools, Southeast Division

• Toni Jo Stamer-Baartman, Pipestone Area Schools, Southwest Division

• Dr. Kari Wehrmann, Wayzata Public Schools, West Suburban Division

• Jason Kuehn, Detroit Lakes Public Schools, Western Division

• Barbara Shin, Retired Principals of MESPA

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