Adam Strupp

Adam Strupp shows the three exams with perfect scores: the ACT, PSAT and SAT. 


Heading into his final year at Forest Lake Area High School, a Scandia junior has collected a trio of perfect college entrance exam scores.

Adam Strupp and his older brother, Matthew Strupp, aced the ACT side by side last year. Since then, Adam has earned perfect scores on the Practice SAT and SAT. 

The high marks are the result of preparation, strategic thinking and a lifetime of learning.

Strupp reported that he put the most work into the ACT, the first of the exams he took.

“The SAT is probably a harder test to ace but I was more prepared for it,” he said. “It seemed like a breeze because of the preparation I did for the ACT.”

After scoring a 36 on the ACT, Strupp tutored other students hoping to achieve similar success. They went over topics likely to be covered, discussed timing strategies and took practice tests.

“Timing is the biggest part of it,” Strupp said. “I think most people could do very well on any of these tests if they had unlimited time. It’s doing it quickly that’s the difficult part. Then it was just going over what to do on test day, what they have to bring. And we did practice tests, looked at errors and how to improve.”

Strupp believes the time spent tutoring others reinforced his own knowledge.

“Because the tests are similar it was kind of a way for me to study for the SAT and PSAT,” he said.

With scores that bode well for admission to any college, Strupp said the University of Wisconsin—Madison was high on his list. 

His interests lean toward the sciences, namely chemistry and biology. As far as a career field, he’s still assessing.

“I’ve ruled some things out,” he said. “I have some ideas, but it’s definitely not final at all. … I might be interested in working with the chemistry of the body, what’s going on at the fundamental levels of things. … The medical field is an option. I don’t want to be a doctor, but I would consider the research side. I know scientists are doing a lot of work in genetics right now. That seems interesting to me.”

With his future looking bright, Strupp was quick to acknowledge the adults who have influenced his education, interests and success thus far.

“I would like to thank my parents for getting me interested in reading and learning in general,” he said. “With the ACT you don’t just start a month before the test. For the English and reading sections it’s, have you or have you not been reading books for most of your life?

“And there are a couple teachers in particular who helped me. Lynda Rupp was my chemistry teacher sophomore year. She’s a big part of the reason I’m interested in studying chemistry. Bruce Levanthal is my biology teacher. He’s definitely gotten me more interested in science. I was already interested in science, but I’m more interested in science because of him.”

In addition to classes at FLAHS, Strupp plays on the varsity lacrosse team, is a member of the National Honor Society and became an Eagle Scout last December. He also works in the deli at the Marine General Store.

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