Scandia Mayor, Christine Maefsky (right), thanks more than 50 community members for attending the 2nd annual Scandia Heritage Alliance Progressive Dinner September 28. Funds were raised to reconstruct the Historic Water Tower Barn. 


A successful night of fundraising and community bonding took place September 28 during the 2nd Annual Scandia Heritage Alliance Progressive Dinner. Several courses of dinner were served in neighboring Scandia homes ending with a special dessert at Gammelgården Museum.

Including the museum, 12 locations served over 50 community members throughout the night giving them the chance to meet their neighbors all the while serving as a fundraising for the historic water tower barn reconstruction.  The Scandia Heritage Alliance placed equal priority on both points.

“For us, it’s a fundraiser, but it’s also essentially about building community and introducing people to other parts of Scandia” said Scandia Heritage Alliance treasurer, Pam Smith. “The feedback that I had last night was really good. We had some first time participants, and everyone who lived in town for the first event attended the second event. It’s nice to have a reason to bring the community together.”

One of those reasons for the Progressive Dinner was to raise funds for the resurrecting of Scandia Water Tower Barn. Officially called a ‘Tank House,” the famous 1800s landmark provided water to some of the first residents of Scandia, and has an historical significance for Scandia. 

“It’s a truly historic building,” says president of the Board of Directors, Sue Rodsjo. “Now, we’re trying to raise enough money to bring it back as an Arts & Heritage center.” A new non-profit is in the works that will be designed to run the Arts & Heritage Center once it is formed. Once the landmark has been resurrected, Rodsjo hopes that there will be plenty of new opportunities.

“The goal is to initially bring the barn back in its original structure that we could host a few events like arts shows and music productions there.” She said, “Then we could eventually make it a full property and hopefully add onto it so that it could have more space for events, and some types of displays on the history of Scandia.”

A GoFundMe page, “Raise Our Historic Water Tower Barn” has been established with a goal of $25,0000 dollars towards which anyone can donate.  

After meeting for several meal courses throughout the community, all convened at Gammelgården Museum for dessert and a final thank you from Scandia Mayor, Christine Maefsky.

 “After last year, I think we realized that the most important thing about this was the opportunity for Scandia people to get together with other Scandia people and realize how much we can enjoy each other,” she said, “The richness of who we have in this city I think becomes evident after a night like this.”

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