Robot station

A.J. Jones, Ben Woolford and James Marsh enjoy the Robot station.


Focusing on math and literacy with the family, Scandia Elementary hosted its first Literacy and STEM night Nov. 21 with their theme “Under the Stars.” Organized by Academic Support Specialist, Heidi Wiberg, with help from Innovation Specialist, Justine Harren, students, parents and staff, came to enjoy hands on activities designed to enhance reading, writing and mathematic skills, that are fun and can replicate at home. 

“Here at Scandia, we decided to do something things a little bit differently than your traditional literacy and math night,” said Wiberg. “We decided to make this an event. We had stations set up around the school that students and parents could go through freely that focus on activities that can be done at home.”

Scandia Elementary was set up with plenty of activities for students and parents including flashlight and campfire reading, word games like Boggle and Word Jenga, robot and Mars lander stations and more. 

“The primary goal of these activities is to promote literacy with families and to give parents some different ideas on how to interact with their children,” said Wiberg. “Flashlight reading can be done at home with any book, Scrabble and Boggle are great games for literacy too. It’s just a way for parents to use some of the resources they might already have to help make learning fun outside of school.”

To add the math and science to the event, Wiberg reached out to

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