Cinnamon Roll

Scandia Mayor Christine Maefsky, Patti Ray of the Scandia City Council, Lynette Welsch of the Scandia-Marine Lions Club and Lynette Moratzka of the Gammelgarden museum braved the chilly weather of early October 4  to hand out hundreds of cinnamon roll for the 2nd annual National Cinnamon Roll day in Scandia.


For two hours in the early-morning hours on October 4, Christine Maefsky (Scandia’s mayor), Lynne Moratzka (Gammelgarden Museum), Patti Ray (Scandia City Council), and Lynnette Welsch (Scandia-Marine Lions Club) celebrated National Cinnamon Bun Day with 500 people passing through the intersection of Olinda Trail and Oakhill Road.

Wearing safety vests and holding napkins with cinnamon buns in their hands as they approached vehicles, they brought unexpected joy to many people headed to work and appointments. Each cinnamon bun came with a printed message: “Happy Scandia Cinnamon Bun Day! Start your day with a SMILE!”

Lynnette Welsch said, “We were four crazy ladies in safety vests who did scare a few people, but the smiles on the faces of those who did manage to roll their windows down were priceless! Thank you to all who stopped.”

Appreciation was mutual for those who received a cinnamon bun.  “A very beautiful surprise at 5:30 this morning,” wrote Lorinda Floding-Huss in the Scandia Then and Now group on Facebook. “What a great way to start the day. Thank you.”

Mike Benson added his appreciation on the Facebook page as well, “Such a great event! Thank you!!” 

This is the second year that the City of Scandia, Gammelgarden Museum, and the Scandia-Marine Lions Club have come together to celebrate this national holiday. This day was created in 1999 as a way for Sweden’s “Home Baking Council” to celebrate its fortieth birthday. Autumn in Sweden is very similar to autumn here in Minnesota. 

It is the harvest high season and home baking occurs in many homes across the country. So, it seems fitting that Scandia would have its own Cinnamon Bun Day. 

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