After 10 years, the Scandia Clinic will be closing its doors and consolidating services with the Clinic at Osceola Medical Center starting Jan. 4. 

"This decision was not taken lightly as we know many community members have come to rely on the Scandia Clinic," said Matt Forge, CEO of Osceola Medical Center. "A number of factors contributed to this decision, including service and facility upgrades to meet community needs; staffing changes and gaps over the last couple of years; and fiscal strains brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic."

Although the pandemic has been putting pressure on the health industry, it wasn't the sole reason for this decision, he said.

"The uncertainties surrounding the pandemic are speeding up our process. COVID placed extra pressure on us as an organization; it made us quicken -- faster than what we wished -- our evaluation of how to continue providing quality and safe health care."

Scandia's providers, staff and services will be moving to OMC, located just 10 minutes away in Osceola. The medical center, just south of Osceola on Hwy 35, is already home to a full-service clinic, along with a hospital, specialty care, an Emergency Department and a pharmacy.

"For some, it may take a few more minutes to get to your appointments; however, your provider and the services you're familiar with will still be available. It's a little bittersweet," Forge said.

During the transition, all scheduled appointments starting in January will be honored in Osceola with the same providers. For more information, contact OMC at 715-294-5680.

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