Scandia’s Tavern hopes to bring a mix of traditional American fare and Vietnamese food to Scandia.

The Scandia City Council granted a liquor license last week after hearing a brief pitch from the tavern’s new owners, Dao Hoang and Kevin Vu.

Hoang, who said she is of Vietnamese descent, shared some of the tavern’s planned menu options with the council.

“For sure we’re gonna have at least egg rolls, pho noodle soup, and the Vietnamese banh mi,” she said. 

Hoang touted her 20-plus years of experience in the restaurant business and said they take responsible liquor service and COVID precautions quite seriously. The two own bar/restaurant establishments in Maplewood, Hastings, and St. Paul.

The tavern is scheduled to open March 1 in the former Brookside Pub building in the Scandia Business Park.

“My only difficulty right now is finding a cook,” Hoang said with a laugh.

The council members welcomed the new business. 

“We’re very excited about having you come to Scandia,” Mayor Christine Maefsky said.


Vasa street vacation

After agreeing to vacate a portion of an unimproved street in the Vasa neighborhood near 197th Street earlier this month, the council formally tabled the proposal this week.

City Administrator Ken Cammilleri noted in a council memo that the city staff is still waiting on a legal description of the area and confirmation that there are no utilities or other issues with the proposal.

Neighbors of the platted road easement sought the action to use the land to expand a septic system and to make legal an existing garage on the unused road.

Cammilleri and Fire Chief Mike Hinz had recommended the city keep 50 feet of the easement for fire and EMS equipment turnaround or staging area in the event of an emergency.


Other business:

• The council approved $100 stipends for new Scandia Fire & Rescue firefighters Nick Bancks, Steven Greenhow, Tim O’Neill and Nick Vannelli. The four recently completed their firefighter certifications. Greenhow ($13.33 per hour) and Vannelli ($12.33) were also given pay increases for completing their training certifications.

• The council approved a letter of support for a local business venue, Redeemed Farm and the Minnesota Rural Event Venue Association’s effort to lobby the state to allow variable fire code classifications.

• Due to Christmas Day falling on a Saturday in 2021, the city staff will observe the holiday on Dec. 27. The city office will be closed that day.


The next Scandia City Council meeting will be held March 3 at 6:30 p.m.

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