sea creatures

River Grove students created sea creatures out of recycled cardboard and other materials including a 12 foot tall mermaid that will be on display at the 12th annual Da Vinci Fest in Stillwater. The project brings awareness to plastic pollution in waterways.

River Grove students made some curious creatures in December with the aid of teaching artist, Karron Nottingham. The project that Nottingham helped the students create brings attention to the plastic pollution in waterways by creating sea creatures from recyclable materials.

“I am currently in the process of overseeing the students River Grove, Lake Elmo, and the after school students at my studio, Off the Wall,” says Nottingham. Off the Wall Studio was founded in Hawaii in 1983 and is currently located in Stillwater. The goal of Off The Wall is to offer art classes and programs to students of all ages. Nottingham is the director and instructor of Off the Wall Studio and teaches after school classes, adult classes, holiday workshops and more. 

During her current project, Nottingham is instructing students at River Grove and Lake Elmo to use reusable and recycled materials to make creatures of the sea in an effort to educate about pollution and how to help stop it.

“Grove and Lake Elmo students created fish from ‘rubbish’ and other recycled materials,” she says. “To date, the project includes a 12 foot high mermaid also constructed entirely from recycled materials. The community art project will be on display at the Da Vinci Fest Saturday, January 25 at the Stillwater Area High School Cafeteria.”

January will mark the 12th annual Da Vinci Fest in Stillwater. The event is intended to highlight talents and creative works of the St. Croix Valley youth in both art and science. The artwork of River Grove and Lake Elmo students from this project will be showcased along with many other talented artists at the event.

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