The partisan primary election is scheduled to be held August 11 and Washington County voters will have to make a decision in a couple of races. 

U.S. Senate

Five people have their names on the Democratic ballot, including incumbent Tina Smith. Others include Christopher Seymore, Sr., Ahmad R. Hassan, Paula Overby and Steve Carlson. 

On the Republican side, Jason Lewis has garnered the most attention; yet, four others have their names on the GOP ballot – Cynthia Gail, Bob Carney, Jr., James Reibestein and John L. Berman. 

Meanwhile, Oliver Sternberg is the nominee for the Legalize Cannabis Party and Kevin O’ Conner is the candidate for the Legal Marijuana Now Party. 

U.S. House 

The incumbents for District 4 (Democrat Betty McCollum) and District 6 (Republican Tom Emmer) are facing partisan challengers. 

Four other Democrats are listed for District 4, including Alberder Gillespie, Reid Rossell, David Sandbeck and Tiffani Flynn Forslund. The Republican ballot has Gene Rechtzigel and Sia Lo, while Susan Sindt is the Legalize Cannabis Party nominee. 

Patrick Munro is trying to unseat Emmer, while Tawnja Zahradka is the Democratic nominee in District 6. 

State Offices 

Democratic incumbent Susan Kent in Senate District 53 is trying to defeat Marquita Stephens. Republican Mary Giullani Stephens awaits the winner in November. 

Republican incumbent Karin Housley in Senate District 39 is running unopposed. Brian D. Hile and Josiah Hill are the Democratic nominees trying to unseat her. 

Democratic incumbent Charles Wiger in Senate District 43 will look to fend off challenger Natasha Lapcinski. Republican Bob Zick awaits the winner. 

Republican incumbent Bob Dettmer is running unopposed for the Representative District 39A seat. Ann Mozey and Chuck Fitzer will be the Democratic names on the ballot for this seat. 

Kris Fredrick is running unopposed for Representative District 38A seat on the Democrat side. Meanwhile, the Republicans will have three names on the ballot – Donald Raleigh, Kelly Gunderson and Doug Malsom.

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