The Academy Awards have been moved to Feb. 9, the earliest date in recent memory. One night earlier, the Marine Community Library, in conjunction with the Marine Film Society, will celebrate the Oscars with its 7th annual Oscar Night party. This year’s Marine Oscar party will be held Saturday, February 8 at the Marine Village Hall. Doors open at 6:15 p.m.

The highlight of this fundraising event is a screening of the five nominated films in the Live Action Shorts category (screenings begin at 7 p.m.). “Short filmmaking is a challenge, because you have to tell what can be a complex story in an abbreviated period of time,” says Gayle Knutson, herself a filmmaker of award-winning shorts, and curator of Marine Documentary Night. “Each of these films is well done, and reflect just how much respect the short film genre has gotten from the movie industry in recent years.”

The Oscar Party is not only a celebration of film, but a festive social event as well. Appetizers and desserts are provided and a cash bar (with wine and beer) is available.

“We’ve developed a regular following at this event,” says Knutson. “If you appreciate great filmmaking and a chance to view it in a comfortable, fun atmosphere, you’ll love our Oscar Night party.” Knutson notes that this year’s films provide an enticing variety. “There are serious films, which is always the case when it comes to the Oscars,” according to Knutson, “but there’s humor mixed in as well.  It’s nice to see films with that approach earn Oscar consideration.”

The five nominated films are:

• A SISTER – a gripping European film that tells the story of an emergency services dispatcher tested by a call from a woman in a desperate situation.

• BROTHERHOOD – a family drama set in Tunisia about the son who returns home with his new wife amid suspicions by his family that he was fighting for ISIS in Syria.

• NEFTA FOOTBALL CLUB – another Tunisian-based film that tells the tale of two boys, a donkey and the suspicious white powder the donkey carries. Believe it or not, the singer Adele figures into the film.

• SARIA – a film based on the true story of the hardships faced by young girls living a brutal existence at an orphanage in Guatemala and their dreams of freedom in America.

• THE NEIGHBOR’S WINDOW – a touching story of a couple with young children in New York City who become captivated by the seemingly enviable lives of the neighbors they can see through an apartment window across the street. 

After the screening, attendees can vote for their favorite live action short film. Year-after-year, the winner of the Marine Oscar Night party ballot has turned out to be the film that won the Oscar the next night.

A small number of tickets remain for this fundraising event to support Marine Documentary Night. The cost is $30 and tickets can be ordered online by visiting and clicking on the “Oscar Party” link.

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