Beginning Wed, Aug. 14, we’ll be shifting traffic on northbound I-35 between the I-35W/I-35E split and Hwy 97 to the recently paved inside lanes, to start paving the outside lanes, weather permitting.

Beginning at 12:01 a.m. Wed, Aug. 14, the NB I-35 exit ramp to Hwy 97 and the Hwy 97 entrance ramp to NB I-35 will close through late September. Drivers should follow posted detours:

  • NB I-35 to Hwy 97: NB I-35 to westbound Broadway Ave./Co. Rd. 2 to southbound I-35 to Hwy 97
  • Hwy 97 to NB I-35: Eastbound Hwy 97 to NB Lake St./Hwy 61 to WB Broadway Ave./Co. Rd. 2 to NB I-35

Movable barrier on I-35/I-35E beginning August 14

Once we begin paving the northbound outside lanes on I-35 and I-35E, we’ll be using movable barrier on I-35E and I-35 for alternating lane closures. The movable barrier will help reduce congestion by adding a lane when and where it's needed most and keep traffic moving during peak travel hours.

Here’s what you can anticipate with the movable barrier:

  • I-35 between I-35E and Hwy 97: 
    • SB I-35 will be reduced to three lanes from 5-9 a.m.
    • NB I-35 will be reduced to three lanes from 2-7 p.m.
  • I-35E between I-35 and one mile south of the I-35E/I-35W split: 
    • SB I-35E will be reduced to two lanes of traffic from 5-9 a.m.
    • NB I-35E will be reduced to two lanes of traffic on from 2-7 p.m.

We’ll use the movable barrier until crews finish paving the northbound lanes in late September. Take a moment to see an example of how the movable barrier device works.

More about this project

To learn more, including all current traffic impacts, visit the project website at:

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