David Peters

David Peters took over as Scandia’s dedicated deputy in June.


In June, David Peters took over as Scandia’s dedicated deputy. Peters fills the role previously held by Brandon Yetter, who transferred within the sheriff’s office to become a K9 officer.

Peters, a Washington County native and military veteran who has been with the sheriff’s office since May 2018, said he liked Scandia’s small town feel and the role law enforcement can play in building community.

“It fits my style of policing,” he said in late July. “I tend to take more of a conversational approach to things, get as much of the story as I can piece together. Of  course, the situation will always dictate.”

His first months were spent with an emphasis on getting to know people in town and updating information for his records.

“That’s part of the job, building relationships in the community,” he told the Messenger. “A lot of what I’ve been doing is updating business information in Scandia. If there are incidents, we’d like to know as a matter of public safety what situation we’re walking into. If it’s a business that has an alarm, and it’s going off at 3 a.m., I’d like to know who we’re going to call to shut it off.”

Peters said he’s liking the position. 

“I enjoy being able to get out and interact with folks,” he said. “I’m looking forward to getting to know everybody and the opportunities Scandia has to provide. Just wave me down or flag me down if you want to chat.”

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