Julie Hull

Julie Hull


Julie Hull is a very busy woman. Between accepting the role as Scandia Elementary School Principal, moving to a new house, and caring for two kids and a husband, she was generous to take some time and tell me a little bit of her story.

A long-time Minnesota resident, Hull grew up in New Prague, where most of her family still lives. She represents the state well, as her favorite hobbies include outdoor activities like camping, fishing, snowmobiling, and skiing. In fact, her whole family gets involved.

Hull and her husband Jason have two children; a daughter, Quinn, and a son, Grayson. Right now, they’re in the process of moving to a new home. Their old house in New Ulm is a lengthy two-hour drive from the new house in the Forest Lake area, but the family is still dedicated to Minnesota living.

Once settled into her new home, Hull is eager to begin work as Scandia Elementary School’s newest principal. 

“I spent ten years teaching in New Prague at Falcon Ridge Elementary,” Hull said. “I was a kindergarten teacher and I was a reading interventionist for kindergarten through fifth grade.” Over the years, she’s crafted her leadership skills and coached a few sports teams.

The past four years, she’s been working at Jefferson Elementary School in New Ulm; three years as assistant principal and district staff development coordinator, and one year as the principal.

At Winona State University, Hull graduated with a bachelor’s in elementary education, with a minor in coaching. She also earned a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction at St. Catherine University, and an Education Specialist degree from Minnesota State University, Mankato. She has licenses in k-6 instruction as well as in administration. 

Looking at her past experience and education, it seems that Scandia Elementary is in capable hands.

There are many reasons Hull is ecstatic to serve as the principal in Scandia. “The school is well known to focus on whole child growth and high levels of student achievement as an International Baccalaureate School,” she says. “The community of Scandia is extremely supportive of the school.” She’s really excited to get to know the students, families, and staff. She’s also excited for her own children to attend Scandia Elementary.

“My goal is to get to know everyone,” Hull explains. She’s confident in the Scandia community, and looks forward to digging deep into friendships with everyone she meets. “I am excited to continue to support student and staff growth in an environment that is already thriving.”

During a time when social distancing and extra safety measures are necessary to ensure health and well-being, her goal of building life-giving relationships has become more complex, but she’s not giving up.

“I believe that relationships are even more crucial during this pandemic,” Hull said.

 She has already started getting into the community by virtual methods, and is continuing to expand her network. She’s working with the current principal, Julie Greiman, to ensure as smooth a transition as possible.

While in the thick of moving to a new house, Hull is very eager to grow into the next chapter in her life. She’s grateful for the support of those around her, and the warm welcome from the Scandia community.

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