Slightly higher spending and lower revenues for May Township in 2018 do not seem to be worrisome trends, according to a summary from auditor Lucas Chase of CliftonLarsonAllen.

Revenues fell from $438,129 in 2017 to $336,916 in 2018. 

Expenses grew from $306,454 to $334,839.

However, Chase explained, the year was an anomaly. Most of the $74,800 in capital projects spending was used to finish town hall renovations, the park pavilion and other park repairs.

And most of the revenue decrease was due to higher-than-usual income in 2017, the product of a $98,000 green acres special assessment settlement. 

“You’re net position has been pretty consistent for five years,” the auditor said.

According to Chase, who estimated he’s been doing the audit for six years, “It was another great audit. It went very smooth.”

The findings found no issues with compliance with Minnesota laws, and no disagreements or difficulties with management.

“That’s great, especially for a township of your size,” Chase said.

The balance of the general fund increased by $2,677 for an ending balance of $252,488.

Chase described the unassigned fund balance as “very healthy” at 74.4% of annual expenditures.

“So that’s about nine months of fund balance reserve in unassigned,” he said.

Other business

• The board celebrated the retirement of longtime treasurer Cheryl Bennett. 

• Insurance was reviewed with Chris Sauro.

• The board is working toward a memorandum of understanding with the watershed district to resolve water management on Panorama Avenue.

• Clerk Linda Tibbetts and attorney Dave Snyder will work on an event permit for the Ragnar Relay, planned for August 16.

• May Township is applying for FEMA funds to help cover the costs of unusually severe damage to roads cause by snowmelt, rain and flooding.

 • The July 4 board meeting was moved to July 11.

The next meeting of the May Town Board will be held 7 p.m. July 11 at the May Town Hall.

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