Nearly a dozen May Township residents attended the Board of Supervisors meeting Nov. 7 to discuss the significant deterioration of Keystone Ave., Kirby Ave., and 130th Ave. The concern of grading frequency, quality of gravel used and alternative solutions were all discussed. 

“It came to my attention that, besides our road, Keystone and Kirby were having issues,” said resident, Rebecca Swanson. “I went out and walked and drove those roads and counted the potholes. On Kirby, I literally counted 295. On Keystone there were over 200. That’s what brought us here tonight. We’re just wondering what we can do to prevent this from happening again.”

Part of the issue, according to residents, is the quality of the material used on the roads. At the time, May Township relied on Dresel Contracting for their gravel which may have been using subpar material.

“The stuff Dresel laid down for you is ‘goose dung,’” said another resident. “Once water hits it it’s terrible. The base that was laid down there is just terrible.” “You’ll be pleased to know that we didn’t use Dresel this year,” said chairman Bill Voedisch. “We did use them in 2018, but this year and moving forward, we used all our gravel from the Miller gravel pit. So, that change has been made.”

“I appreciate the change, we needed change, but our road we’re literally walking in with rubber boots on,” replied the resident. “In fact, Marv, who you just mentioned, said that this is the worst road in May Township. This is 2019, this isn’t the 1940s.” 

One possible solution discussed in some detail later in the meeting is the use of a product called Base One, a liquid aggregate surface stabilizer applied to the gravel that is intended to improve stability. “The counties we visited applied Base One at the same time they applied their gravel,” said Voedisch. “The end result creates a pretty tight surface. We will be attending a presentation on December 12 from the company who makes Base One and we should have a better idea and some financials after that time.”

In the interest of fixing the road issues as quickly as possible, board supervisor, John Pazlar, addressed the concerns of the attendees.

“I’ve been on the board nearly 20 years and I don’t think I can recall this level of complaint about our roads, so clearly there is a serious level of defect here,” he said. “The science aside, I don’t think you guys care how we do it, just so long as it gets done. We’ll have our engineer look at right away if it’s not frozen, and we can certainly put you first on the list for spring.”

Other Business:

The board heard a summation of projects and status of the Carnelian Marine St. Croix Watershed District from organization administrator, Mike Isensee. Supervisor Pazlar addressed some concerns from the board regarding potential cost increase for projects and their impacts on May Township budgeting and levies advising the Watershed District to “budget wisely.”

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