Founders Day poster

Residents, friends and family (children included) are cordially invited to attend the inaugural annual Marine on St Croix Founder’s Day Soirée Pop-Up Dinner Party.

Schedule of Events

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Burris Park (weather permitting)

4 p.m. Arrival and preparation of the tables

Meet in Burris Park, greet your neighbors, and set up your creative space. See "Important Details" at the bottom for more on this.

4 p.m. Founder’s Day observance

Reading of the Proclamation, Ceremonial Log-Cutting, Invocation and First Lady’s Toast

5 p.m. Dinner

All guests will enjoy their unique self-prepared meals while listening to live music. We do request that attendees make a small donation to off-set the cost of the live music.

6 p.m. Dancing and Lawn Games

Having supped, we dance. Lawns games will commence on the green.

7 p.m. Fare Thee Well

Bid each other adieu, and take home all you came with.

Menu Suggestions

Guests are to bring their own food and beverage. Options can range from simple to full-on fancy. Some suggestions:


Have appetizers, will travel! Have fun packing a simple meal, or one that includes appetizers, bread, cheese, fruit, chips and salsa. The options are endless.


Bring what you'd like to quench your thirst for an evening of dining and dancing. Extra points for keeping in the French theme.


From sandwiches to sushi, hotdogs to hollandaise, the sky is the limit for dinner. If it fits in your basket and satiates your stomach, dinner is on!


No meal is complete without something sweet. Dessert is another way to be creative and bring something fun, perhaps to share?

Important Details

• All guests are encouraged to wear old-time and/or lumberjack garb. Be original, be comfortable, but be classy.

• All guests must supply their own table big enough for their party, chairs, white tablecloth, a picnic basket of unique menu items, and dinner ware. Other suggested items for your table include unique centerpieces and candles.

• Tables should be lined up end-to-end in Burris Park.

• Please be sure to pack away everything that you bring so as to leave the park in as good (or better) shape than when the group arrived.

Background Information

The Founder's Day Soirée is loosely modeled on the Soirée en Blanc (, or "Party in White" concept that was started in France in the 1980s. It is essentially a secret pop-up dinner party where invited attendees are notified an hour prior of the location. Attendees bring everything they need for their group (tables, chairs, meals, drink, etc.) and dress all in white. At the end of the party, after all have eaten and danced, everyone packs up their things and leaves without a trace.

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