The Silent Child

Attendees at Marine’s pre-Oscar screening chose “The Silent Child” as the best of the nominees in the Live Action Short Film category. The film subsequently won the Oscar. The film tells the story of a young, profoundly deaf girl whose world opens when a social worker teaches her sign language.


For the fifth straight year the audience attending the Marine Community Library’s annual Oscar Party Fundraiser voted for the Live Action Short Film that went on to subsequently win the Oscar.  

The fundraiser is held to support Marine Documentary Night, a monthly film series that screens at the Marine Village Hall from October through February.  

Magnolia Pictures provides the five nominees in Live Action Short Film that are screened at the event. This year’s winning short film, “The Silent Child,” was selected by a large margin over the other four nominees by the audience.  

The British short tells the story of Libby, a profoundly deaf four-year-old girl who lives a silent life until a social worker teaches her to communicate with sign language. The screenplay was written by Rachel Shenton, who also acted the role of the social worker, Joanne. The film was directed by Chris Overton and released in 2017 by Slick Films.

Previous Oscar Winners in Live Action Short that were also winners with the audience:

2017 — “Sing;”

2016 — “Stutterer;”

2015 — “The Phone Call;”

2014 — “Helium.”   

These films can be viewed online for free or for a nominal fee.

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