To help support local artists, Marine on St. Croix resident Cecily Harris is holding a one-day Marine artist Popup sale 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 12, at 710 Broadway Street in Marine.

“The summer of 2020 is like none other,” Harris said. “For those who enjoy the many gifts that the St. Croix Valley has to offer, it’s been challenging. We live in a region with a significant number of artists, potters, painters, weavers and more. So many of the local art festivals and community events have been canceled. Galleries have limited hours and open studios aren’t happening.”

Confirmed artists include two potters (Emily Smollett and Connee Mayeron Cowles), two jewelers (Peg Aspergren and Thomasina Fisk), organic farm products producer (Laura McHugh), three weavers/designers (Melanie Ebertz, Marian Quanbeck Dahlberg and Katy White), a photographer (Rudi Hargeshimer), blown and flameworked glass (Isaac Theobald), decorated art trivets and poured art (Larry and Molly Roden) and two painters (Merry Domke and Mary Jo Van Dell).

As part of a COVID-19 safety Plan, hand sanitizer will be available, masks must be worn and social distancing guidelines followed. Greeters will control the numbers of people on-site at a time.

There won’t be any food due to safety concerns. In nearby Marine, coffee is available at Jeff’s Café, to-go meals are available from the General Store and Brookside.

Parking will be available at Christ Lutheran Church, Marine Elementary School as well in local neighborhoods.

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