Kirsten Libby and her daughter Elizabeth (Libby) explain the uses and benefits of their full shelf of  herbs for sale at the Apothecary's Daughter store in Scandia. 


“I do the lawyering, and Libby does the ‘daughtering,’” says owner of Scandia’s new business Apothecary’s Daughter, Kirsten Libby. The new store is an interesting melding of Kirsten’s career as an attorney with their fascination for natural herbs and remedies. 

“About two years ago when we moved to Scandia, I thought I really wanted to have a law office in town,” says Kirsten. “I think every town needs a lawyer, and Scandia didn’t have one at the time. So, when I found out about this building, I jumped on the opportunity.”

Kirsten and Libby dreamed of opening a storefront for more than a decade while selling some of their products from home and online. When they found the original bank property at 21060 Scandia Trail N. was available, that opportunity became a reality.

 “It’s just an awesome building,” said Kirsten on finding the property. “I love the history of it, and it was the perfect size for both businesses, so Libby and I both said, ‘yep, we’re in.’” Since deciding they were “in” in early December, The Apothecary’s Daughter has seen a warm reception from the community and Kirsten and Libby plan to keep growing their trade in Scandia. 

Both studious in the world of herbalism, Kirsten is a graduate of Roseville’s Midwest School of Herbs and Healing where Libby is currently enrolled. Kirsten continues to learn and is focusing on her master’s degree in herbalism, all of which stems from a love for traveling.

“All of this came out of traveling,” says Kirsten. “I went to Hawaii, and everything there is natural, and organic. I looked all around, and I thought, ‘I can do that! You know, life is about learning. It’s about new experience. It’s about being curious. It’s about trying, working hard, and finding success from failure. At the end of the day, what do you have to lose?”

The shop itself focuses on bulk herbs and spices where Kirsten and Libby make their own blends of teas, baking mixes, salsa, jams, jellies and more. Kirsten also has two office spaces in the back of the building where clients can come for her legal counsel.

They also support local artists by selling jewelry and other artwork provided by creative community members like art studio Lilly of the Valley from Marine on St. Croix. “There’s so much talent in the world,” says Kirsten. “This just gives them a venue to put their wares on display and sell them.”

Though the storefront is a new adventure for Kirsten and Libby, they remain optimistic about Apothecary’s Daughter, and are planning for a successful addition to the Scandia community. “We’re really happy to be here,” says Kirsten. “We really look forward to meeting more people, being a part of the community and helping people any way we can. 

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