Isaac Krahn

Isaac Krahn

It’s safe to say Isaac Krahn has been busy during his collegiate years.  

The Marine on St. Croix native is in his junior year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

While the daily grinds of college life would be enough for most, Krahn has kept his plate full being a member of the UW rowing team along with participating in a cappella choirs.

Krahn stated he chose Madison to venture out more in the world and attend a college where multiple opportunities could present themselves to him.  

Rowing fits that example. Krahn was a member of the track and cross-country teams at Stillwater High School. Once he got to Madison, he walked-on to the rowing team and they say, the rest is history. 

“I fell in love with it,” he continued. “I couldn’t imagine my college experience without it.” 

Since rowing is a nontraditional sport (for example, the University of Minnesota has a club team), Krahn says most of UW’s opponents are Ivy League schools. 

Krahn has competed in the four-man and eight-man events before COVID-19 canceled his season. 

As for the choir, the son of Stuart and Eileen, got his start when out of the blue, he decided to try out for the musical “Bye, Bye, Birdie” in high school. He landed the role of Conrad. 

“That gave me a lot of confidence,” he continued. As a result, a performer/singer was born. 

Krahn has been part of the University of Wisconsin’s “Fundamentally Sound” a cappella choir which competed in the virtual a cappella competition hosted by UpStaged Entertainment Group and National Collegiate Performing Arts. Fundamentally Sound was defeated by the University of Illinois’ “No Comment” in the second round of the virtual tournament last month in a March Madness-style bracket tournament. 

The tournament started with 64 of the nation’s best and most award-winning college a cappella groups.

For more information on UpStagedAID and the NCPA Collegiate A Cappella Championship, visit

 Fundamentally Sound has also competed in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA), in which they perform three songs over a 12-minute set, which highlights the musicality, performance and choreography. 

Choreography is an underrated aspect, Krahn said. 

“You have to repeat it until you have it down,” he said. 

The 2020 version won their quarterfinal back in February at Illinois State University. Unfortunately, the semifinals were cancelled due to COVID-19. 

As for his favorite style of music to sing, Krahn give a surprising answer. 

“Frank Sinatra,” he said. He joked he’s sometimes never heard of mainstream/alternative artists when his fellow singers play them during practice. 

As for the academics, Krahn is studying pre-med, with a focus in neurobiology. He said last month all his classes have been remote. 

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