When our world turned upside down in March 2020, Emily Pueringer thought her business was about to slow way down. Instead, the Interior Designer found herself taking call after call from potential clients who were tired of staring at the same old walls while stuck at home, living through a pandemic. It seemed Interior Design would be one of those disciplines that would see a boom.

With this sudden burst of enthusiasm for home remodels, Pueringer decided it was time to launch her own firm. And so, after years of designing and renovating homes alongside some of the best in the industry, Emily Pueringer Design Studio was born on the banks of the St. Croix River.

“We are based in Marine on St. Croix and serve clients all over the area,” explained Pueringer who lives up on Nason Hill with her family and a flock of chickens. “And we also work with clients as far as California Wine Country. I have a project in Petaluma right now where we are doing everything virtually. It’s all phone calls, Zoom calls and more phone calls. I was surprised by how much we can get done virtually, but now – it’s just a new way of getting things done.”

“With all of the micro-decisions and moving parts, Emily just took it all on and made it seem effortless – even from thousands of miles away,” said Ramey Weis, Pueringer’s Petaluma client. “All of our partners – our contractors, installers, retailers – everyone, has commented that she is the most skilled designer they have ever worked with and I couldn't agree more.” 

Because each project is unique, Pueringer takes a bespoke approach. Avoiding trends, she instead aims to create beautiful spaces that speak directly to her clients’ personalities and lifestyles. 

Of course, a little of Pueringer’s love for contrasting elements can be found in all of her projects. Sometimes it’s with a mix of warm colors and cold, shiny surfaces. Or perhaps flooding a classic setting with eclectic art. Her greatest love, however, is tile. It’s become her specialty, almost a calling card of sorts, finding a way into any space she touches. 

“There is so much more to tile than covering the walls of your shower,” said Pueringer. “A tile’s shape, color, pattern, and texture can change your mood in an instant. I love adding it to my projects because any room suddenly doubles as art!”

Pueringer, who is in the midst of the installation period on her Petaluma project, is simultaneously working on a modern-farmhouse new construction project in Maple Plain, Minn. Dubbed Chateau Margaux, the Maple Plain home will ooze natural light, offer plenty of space for the family of five, and include special touches everywhere the eye can see.

“Emily has this incredible ability to help you see the vision, which was hard for us as first-timers in this process,” said Margaux Christianson, Pueringer’s Maple Plain client. “Emily takes your idea and stratifies it. She pushes you just enough, so you take comfortable risks, and then gently steers you from regrettable mistakes.”

And speaking of taking risks, Pueringer notes that opening her own design firm in Marine on St. Croix has been her best decision yet. 

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