Holiday Committee

The Holiday Committee took posts in the upper and lower village, as well as the river, during last week’s test shoot. From left: Larry Roden, Brian Mader, Todd Dreschel, Dorothy Deetz, Kim Creager, Andy Creager, Gwen Roden, Jeannie Davis, Hollywood Pyrotechnics staff, Charlie Anderson.


Best view: Judd near Burris Park


After a year of uncertainty surrounding Marine on St. Croix’s popular fireworks display, it appears the show will go on in 2019 — from a new location.

The reason for the change? During last year’s July 3 fireworks show the Mill Site deck, used as a launch, was damaged. 

The deck is not technically Marine city property. It belongs to the Washington County Historical Society. Although the city filed a claim and the damage was repaired, various stakeholders thought it prudent to find a different launch site. 

Marine’s Holiday Committee was tasked with the assignment.

“We were worried we wouldn’t have a show,” Marine Councilman Charlie Anderson said. “Really, the Holiday Committee has saved the fireworks.”

The city is working with a different company, Hollywood Pyrotechnics, for this year’s show. After a test shoot last week, Anderson confirmed that the fireworks will be launched from Berkey Street. 

The best viewing will be from Judd Street near Burris Park.

“Folks used to going earlier in the day might set up blankets and chairs in areas that aren’t good for viewing,” Anderson said. “The green space by the gazebo and behind the Brookside, you won’t be able to see them very well from those places this year.

“I encourage people to utilize Burris Park, and have fun earlier in the day grilling and spending time there. The park will have some good views but there are some trees that could block the view. I encourage people to set up right on Judd Street all the way from Berkey to downtown.”

The street will be closed to cars before and during the show.

From the river, Anderson recommended heading 100 to 150 yards south of regular viewing spots. 

“If they were to draw a line from Berkey to the river, that’s where I would set up,” Anderson said. “We’re getting the word out as best we can. Some folks might come away wondering what’s going on and why it’s different this year. But the fireworks are here and it’s going to be a great show. We want people to come and enjoy the event.”

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