The Stillwater School Board will look a lot different after Tuesday night's Election results.

Voters went to the ballots for two different races: To pick three candidates for four-year terms and two candidates for two-year terms. 

Eight candidates were on the ballot for the four-year term spots including incumbents Michael Ptacek and Sarah Stivland. Incumbent Jennifer Pelletier chose not to seek reelection. 

The final results according to the Secretary of State website show challengers Katie Hockert, Annie Porbeni and Matt Onken garnered the most votes.

Hockert finished with 17,010 votes, followed by Porbeni's 15,833. Onken came in with 15,772. 

Dawn Beavers was next with 10,824, then Ptacek's 10,458. Stivland had 9,810. Philip St. Ores came in with 5,113 and Nance Purcell finished with 4,392. 

Meanwhile, in the other race, voters had to pick their top two candidates out of six to serve on the school board for the next two years.  

Challengers Beverly Petrie and Alison Sherman garnered the most votes with 16,694 and 16,467 votes respectively. Bill Gilles and Tim Brewington, who were appointed to serve on the Board following the resignations of Mark Burns and Shelley Pearson this summer, were next. Gilles had 9,348 votes, while Brewington had 8,245. 

Joseph Ehrler had 3,391 votes and Roger Ziemann was next at 3,278. 

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