Washington County will receive $2.16 million from the state Department of Human Services to support community-based services to individuals who have a mental illness.

The County Board accepted the grant, which runs through Dec. 31, 2022.

The county will also receive $1.04 million from the Department of Human Services over the same time frame to pay for mobile crisis response services. The County Board accepted the grants Dec. 1.

Community-based services for those with a mental illness include housing subsidies, support for people experiencing homelessness, in-home skills development, community-based nursing services, crisis intervention training, psychiatric services, expenditures for traditionally non-reimbursed client needs, residential crisis stabilization services, mobile crisis services, and support for the Mental Health Alliance. In addition, the Adult Mental Health Grant Award supports adult mental health case management staff positions.

The grant is split evenly over the term, with $1.08 million provided in 2021 and 2022. The money is the same amount that was provided to the county for the previous grant cycle.

The Crisis Response Services Grant funds support the delivery of crisis response services to adult and child residents of Washington County. This service includes 24-hour telephone screening and triage, mobile crisis response teams, face-to-face crisis assessment, and/or intervention and community stabilization.

Washington County moved the Mental Health Crisis Response Services in-house at the beginning of 2019 as part of a newly created Crisis Response Unit to provide critical safety net services.

The increase for this contract from $800,000 for 2019-2020 to $1.04 million for 2021-2022 is related to increasing capacity for providing Crisis Stabilization services.

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