1950 Chevy

This vintage 1950 Chevy owned by Marine residents David Stephens and Susan Ferron will be on display for the first Red Truck Party on December 7.


The Christmas season is full of iconic images, pine trees, Santa Claus, and snowflakes to name a few. Another of those images often seen during the holidays is that of a bright red vintage truck on plenty of decorations. Hoping to bring that image to life in Marine on St. Croix, Robyn Dochterman of St. Croix Chocolate Company is starting the Red Truck Party for its first year.

“Everywhere I went growing up, I'd see imagery of vintage red pick-up trucks on Christmas items,” says Dochterman. “I'd see them on trays, ornaments, even napkins. We even bought tins to put turtles in at St. Croix Chocolate Company. The truck scenes are nostalgic and bring to mind a delightful trip in the snow to get a Christmas tree. Even if we didn't do that as kids, I think a lot of us wish we could have. So it sort of represents an idyllic time, even if it's in our imaginations.” 

While it is not entirely clear where the red Christmas truck image came from, there are many who can point to it as a symbol of the holiday season. The event planned by Dochterman will be held on December 7 and will have some fun “Red Truck” themed activities and goodies for visitors to enjoy. “We'll have lots of red-truck themed door prizes, live music, samples of fine chocolate, and wine specials during the party from 12-3,” says Dochterman. “The event is family friendly and all are welcome.” 

During the event, patrons of Marine on St. Croix can visit and take pictures of a pristine 1950 Chevy owned by local Marine residents, David Stephens and Susan Ferron. The idea behind the display of this truck is to bring people together in a nostalgic image of the holiday season. Dochterman also has plans for the future after the launch of the Red Truck Party this year.

“Eventually, my hope is to put together a whole Christmas parade of red trucks in Marine,” she says. “This year we're starting with one, but it's one of the most perfect red trucks ever, in my view. Every time I see it out on the street, I can't help but smile. My hope is that the party celebrates this connection to a simpler time, and that people come for pictures and do a lot of smiling.” 

For more information, those interested about the first Red Truck Party in Marine can call the St. Croix Chocolate Company shop at 651-433-1400. 

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